Why No One Should Ever Own Two Dogs Simultaneously

March 5, 2008

     I’m restraining my small dog, Chewy right now. I have to hold her because she’s ready to attack the old dog, Willie.  Willie is by the front door, chowing down on her throw-up and she’s pissed. 
     I don’t quite see the logic here . . .
     But I don’t want to know the number of bacteria on his tongue right now.


Double Dipping a Mistake Afterall

February 8, 2008

The latest is that double dipping DOES spread bacteria!  So get your own bowl of salsa or take and NEW chip.

More New Products!

January 15, 2008

While the intent of this article in The McGill Tribune is to tell us we don’t need all these antibacterial products, it does a great job of listing some new ones, Papermate has an antibacterial pencil and Hasbro, Lincoln Logs and Tinkers Toys have antibacterial toys.  What could be next?  Any ideas?

More on Yogurt-Probiotics Foods

January 15, 2008

Foods with tiny bacteria animals in them are good for our digestive system, may reduce cancer risks and reduce blood pressure (The Flint Journal).  The two main bacteria strains are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.  My question is, if I’m eating little creatures, can I still call myself a vegetarian?

A Kiss on the Cheek Better Than a Handshake

January 14, 2008

According to Sally Bloomfield the fastest way to pass on germs is to shake hands.  A kiss on the cheek is safer.  What about an air kiss?  I still like the Indian greeting: plams together, thumbs toward your chest, and a slight dip of the head.  What do you think?

Bacteria-eaters, A Modern Day Hero

January 14, 2008

According to Vincent Fischetti, quoted in the Detroit Free Press, bacteriophages are fighting off disease-causing germs.  They chew up bacteria such as antibiotic resistant Staphyloccus aureus.  Good news for all of us.

Good News For the Lazy. Brush your Teeth, Skip the Gym

January 11, 2008

Those of us who can’t get off the couch to put on our running shoes, so we can walk the three feet to the kitchen to refill the bowl witih cheez its, don’t have to worry about the effect of limited exercise and our hearts.  According to a new study, we should brush our teeth to reduce heart disease.  And I thought I’d have to renew my membership to the gym.  Writing a check to the gym once a month is all the exercise I can manage.  The bacteria associated with periodontitis is also associated with cardiovascular disease.  What I’d like to know is do I have to brush twice or is once be enough to thwart off heart disease?  Maybe I can brush from the couch.  The bathroom is all the way upstairs.