July 27, 2007

Now here’s some interesting stuff.  According to Jonny Muir of The Telegraph, (Peterborough, England) you can no longer take your pram (baby stroller) poolside.  Too  many germs!  However flip flops and bare feet are still okay.  Go figure.  I guess I’ll just stick to my neighborhood pool where moms can still bring in their strollers.  We’ve haven’t had a giardia problem for years since we stopped letting the dogs swim the last day of the season.  So all is well.  Just don’t expect to take your stroller to the pool in Peterborough. 

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Book Reviews

July 24, 2007

Anyone read:

The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu? (Allison Janse and Charles Gerba)

Using a lighthearted style, Janse and Gerba take the reader on a journey through everyday places where germs lurk and wait to pounce.  With sidebars and anecdotal information, Janse offers tips on how readers can avoid colds and flu.

Dental and laser eliminate bacteria

July 24, 2007

Can the decline of the toothbrush be far behind?

Dental Lasers can help eliminate bacteria during root canals

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