Dental and laser eliminate bacteria

Can the decline of the toothbrush be far behind?

Dental Lasers can help eliminate bacteria during root canals

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8 Responses to Dental and laser eliminate bacteria

  1. Dan St.Yves says:

    You know, I once read an article about the germs that can build up on a travel toothbrush, and now I just use Q-Tips!!


  2. jennifer400 says:

    You mean you just use Q-tips instead of a travel toothbrush?
    I shoudl get a new travel toothbrush. I never change mine.
    It must be pretty dirty.

  3. Dan St.Yves says:

    Actually, I was half-serious back there. Dead serious about the travel toothbrush comment, not so serious about the use of Q-tips…

    I was travelling awhile ago, and the inflight magazine for Skymall ( had a listing for a “million-germ-eliminating travel toothbrush sanitizer”. Which immediately got me to worrying about just what my toothbrush may be up to, in my travel kit.

    Turns out MILLIONS of germs accumulate on a toothbrush. Maybe even more on one that travels. This wonder-gizmo uses a UV bulb to…sanitize the offending brush.

    So, I am now wary of these brushes, although I’m still of a mind that believes a good rinsing will sanitize at least 387,000 of the various offending germs.

    And by the way, this website name would make for a GREAT book title!!

    Dan (using a 1970’s blacklight to ward off brush bacteria…)

  4. jennifer400 says:

    I was worried how a Q-tip could get into the little spaces in between your teeth. The gunk that accumlulates there is what Van Leuenhoek–the first person to identify “germs” saw.
    I must have one of these new gadgets! they sound great! I need something else in my already to heavy travel bag, but whose counting the pounds anyway!

    What do you mean by “good rinsing”? Water alone does not get rid of germs. Soap does. Rinse in porixide maybe?

  5. Dan St.Yves says:

    What I eventually settled on was to pick up a newer travel toothbrush, and try to keep it clean.

    I suppose that just rinsing vigorously under the tap isn’t exactly “Optimum” on the germ-killing scale, but I’ve done it for years and I’m still here, so why change what seems to work??

    Although, I haven’t had any sensation whatsoever in my tongue since 1984……………….

  6. Jennifer A says:

    It could be your using tap water that is so full of chlorine that the water is killing a lot of the germs. It woudl be fun to do an experiment to find out! 1984 huh? hmmm, what happened in 1984? oh I know, George Orwell predicted a totalitarian take over of the world. Maybe your tongue was taken over? If this is so, we thank your tongue for the sacrifice of saving the world!

  7. Dan St.Yves says:

    Bud id mateth id thooo hard do dalk….

  8. jennifer400 says:

    you;re still very intelligible.

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