Now here’s some interesting stuff.  According to Jonny Muir of The Telegraph, (Peterborough, England) you can no longer take your pram (baby stroller) poolside.  Too  many germs!  However flip flops and bare feet are still okay.  Go figure.  I guess I’ll just stick to my neighborhood pool where moms can still bring in their strollers.  We’ve haven’t had a giardia problem for years since we stopped letting the dogs swim the last day of the season.  So all is well.  Just don’t expect to take your stroller to the pool in Peterborough. 

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  1. kathie says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    great post. Personally, I think the barer your feet at pools and in the showers, the stronger your immune system will be. I know, I know, I might be delusional, but come on, just suck it up and expose yourself to a germ or two. Live a little.

  2. jennifer400 says:

    I don’t know. I”m not chancing getting athelete’s foot from a shower!
    I keep shower shoes with me nearly at all times.

  3. Beth says:

    Ha! If the pool really wanted to keep the germs away, they’d make you leave the babies in the locker room with the prams. Babies are the dirtiest people on the planet!

    Glad you started your blog, Jennifer. Keep it going! 🙂

  4. jennifer400 says:

    Beth, You have a point. Perhaps we should keep the prams and outlaw the babies from the pool. Prams are great for hauling all the swimming stuff to and from the car to the pool.

  5. Johns says:

    When I was younger (9 to 12) my parents sent me to summer camp (boys only, 2 summer months, uniforms and military drill). When we went to showers the counselors/camp officials made sure every one stepped in acrid, strong-smelling footbath before AND after we showered.

    Later I did catch AF at local Jr. High. No footbaths, plenty of rumors and ‘remedies’ offered. None worked.

    Try DAILY swim in sea (North Atlantic off coast of Maine worked for me) and wearing open footwear (e.g. shower clogs) so air dries feet quickly, without requiring forgetful juvenile to remember to dry the feet. That did not cure AF 100%, but it did reduce its effects considerably.

    Take care.
    John S.

  6. jennifer400 says:

    THis is a great story. Keep’em coming.
    What was in the foot bath? and everybody stuck their feet in the same liquid?
    Must have been strong and pretty gross looking at the end. Did they pour in fresh liquid AFTER the showers?

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  8. cleaning cat urine

    The best way to remove cat urine odors and stains…

  9. jennifer400 says:

    Has anyone used the cat urine remover? Does it work for dogs? Is there much of a difference between cat and dog urine? Are different bacteria attracted to the different urines or are bacteria pretty much easy going, urine is uring to them.

  10. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  11. jennifer400 says:

    I’m glad you found the comments interesting. What do you not agree with?

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