Killing Germs with Ozone

Here’s a new product that blows up bacteria.  Put your fruit and vegetables in The Lotus.  Turn it on and the food gets zapped with ozone which blows up the bacteria sitting there.  Anyone have expereince with it?

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2 Responses to Killing Germs with Ozone

  1. Julie Long says:

    Perhaps this could be the solution to me fruit fly problem! The little pests are driving me crazy. I keep buying all this fresh summer fruit and then having to keep it in the fridge or live with a swarm in my kitchen. Aside from buying this contraption, does anyone have any suggestions? They seem to appear even when the fruit shows no signs of being bruised or over-ripe.

  2. jennifer400 says:

    I have not experience with it, but it looks like fun. It also looks like it takes up a lot o reealestate space in the kitchen. A factor I must always consider. If would be fun to try it though. I too have the fruit fly problem and my fridge is full of tomatoes and squash this time of year! I put my in plastic bags, but then they ripen too fast. A second fridge perhaps? Of course, then we are back to the kitchen realestate problem.

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