Germs in Traffic

Okay, this you are not going to believe. I’m sitting at a stoplight. I look in my rearview mirror.  The driver is picking his cuticle.  No big deal right?  We’ve all done it.  Well, this guy–after he pulled off the juicy piece of skin–ATE IT.  I’m not making this up.  And it wasn’t just once, like maybe I imagined it or he was pulling the paper back off a nut roll.  NO. He was picking at his fingers and then, like a monkey picking off fleas put the tiny morsel in his mouth.   Under our fingernails is a very dirty place.  The skin adjacent to it must be just a dirty.  So if you have hanging cuticles.  Get a manicure!


7 Responses to Germs in Traffic

  1. Anne T. says:

    Ewww, ewww, and double-ewwww. But not a bad thing to read before dinner – calms down – if not completely eliminates – the appetite.

  2. jennifer400 says:

    Great idea! I should advertise “Things that Gross Me Out.” as an appetizer suppressant. How to lose weight through blogging!

  3. Julie Long says:

    Cringe factor VERY high. What the hey is the matter with that guy?! The story reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when the woman in the car next to Jerry’s thought he was picking his nose. Only he wasn’t, he was just scratching his nose. And besides, it was fiction. What you witnessed was reality at its grossest!

  4. jennifer400 says:

    I would agree the gross factor is high on this one.

  5. CONTESSA says:

    ARE U KIDDING ME? You’ve never seen that b4? It is just about as common as nail-biting but, in my opinion much more clean! The hands are the most often cleansed area of our body and dirt does not collect on the skin of the fingers the way it does under the nails!

  6. jennifer400 says:

    Dear Contessa, where do you get your information that the fingers are clean? I would like to see the reference. Everything I read is that fingers are dirty. Okay, so cuticle is cleaner than nails. Butno, I’d never seen this behavior before.
    I did once see a guy driving down the street with a mask over his nose and heavy duty rubber gloves covering his fingers. Bet his fingers were clean.

  7. Migraineur says:

    I don’t know, this one just doesn’t gross me out. It doesn’t seem any grosser than nail biting, and seeing people bite their nails is so commonplace I’m completely inured to it. Then again, I generally find myself thinking our culture is, on the whole, way too concerned about germs.

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