Here’s a product that will interest mothers with toddlers.  Momspit.

Instead of “spitting” on the kids, you can squirt a tiny spray of this stuff on a clean tissue and clean their faces!

But then there’s the carrying around of one more bottle, finding it in the bottomless pit of the bag which currently houses a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich, several expired grocery coupons and crumpled tissues.

But hey, it’s still worth a try.  Now if only I had a clean tissue to go along with the Momspit.

Can I fill the bottle with water when the liquid is all gone?


6 Responses to Momspit

  1. cynthiacloskey says:

    That is the most awesome cleanser name I’ve ever heard. I salute their marketing staff!!

  2. Laura says:

    I love this name. I’m going to run out and get some.

  3. jennifer400 says:

    It is a neat name! I may have to get some too.

  4. Julie Long says:

    I think this is hysterical. It is a great name. But don’t mom’s have that special saliva like dogs do, that’s cleaner than anything? If not, I guess it’s worth buying Mom Spit. Or just let the dog lick off the PB&J.

  5. jennifer400 says:

    Great idea. If moms get tired of using their own spit, they can just carry one of those tiny dogs around in a designer dog bag to lick off the offending PB&J.

  6. cynthiacloskey says:

    Excellent follow-on product after Mom Spit: Dog Spit. The former is for regular cleaning, the latter for disinfecting.

    But I like the image of someone carrying around a purse-sized dog just for licking things up. The dog’s name could be Mr. Clean, if that weren’t trademark infringement.

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