The Extreme Clean

      Wall Street Journal has a great article for those of you who want the ultimate in clean (complete reference below). I couldn’t get to it online, but here is the essence. This is the season where we stay indoor and go to holiday gatherings to spread germs.  MRSA was mentioned.  But manufacturers are developing products to put a stop to bacteria.  (Many of these techniques were used by poeple years ago.) In a table June Fletcher describes:
      Silver ions:       Manufacturers are putting sliver ions into washers, curling irons, diapers and other products to kill germs.
      Copper oxide:  Inhibits the growth of antibiotic-resistant bugs.  Cupron is putting it into linens.
      Steam:              Moist heat, sustained for several minutes, kills germs.
      Triclosan:         Disrupts cell membranes. Found in liquid soaps, deoderants, toothpastes, cleaning supplies and high chairs for babies. 
      Ultraviolet Light:  Deactivates (deactivates?) germs as light hits them.
Read more by looking for this edition at your local library. Citation below.
Debugging the House, by June Fletcher, Wall Street Journal, HOME page W7, Saturday, Dec 1, 2007


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