Why No One Should Ever Own Two Dogs Simultaneously

     I’m restraining my small dog, Chewy right now. I have to hold her because she’s ready to attack the old dog, Willie.  Willie is by the front door, chowing down on her throw-up and she’s pissed. 
     I don’t quite see the logic here . . .
     But I don’t want to know the number of bacteria on his tongue right now.


7 Responses to Why No One Should Ever Own Two Dogs Simultaneously

  1. That is a funny scene.

  2. Julie Long says:

    I was recently in the same boat. Lucy threw up in the bedroom and both she and Wilson were trying to get to it. I was simultaneously trying to hold back two dogs and clean it up. While my husband slept like a baby.

  3. Bix says:

    Oh. Is it some kind of delicacy?

  4. Jennifer A says:

    Yes, Bix, this is a germ laden delicacy- at least for dogs.
    I did manage to get her outside the last time she threw up, but she tossed it in the bushes, close to the front door. Now this is the FIRST place the dogs go for like an bomb reaching its target. Zoom. they’re right there, sniffing, searching for the “delicacy.”

  5. Bix says:

    How about that. So, in the wild, as dogs are weaned, do they accept regurgitated food from their parents? (Or mother … that is, are dogs raised by both parents?)

  6. Jennifer A says:

    Bix, Good question. I have no idea. Maybe someone out there can let us know. (and also tell us the bacteria count of the regurgitated food as well)

  7. kathie says:

    Hey Jennifer…how’s everything in the germ world going now? Germy as always?

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