The Long Story: 

I’d been thinking about how our lives have changed with automatic everything in public bathrooms and the number of antibacterial cleaners on the market.  What cinched my desire to write about bacteria was when last December for a week I left my husband and daughters, boarded a plane and cooked for 200 volunteers in a New Orleans relief organization. During my first dinner, I was serving gumbo when a young relief worker, back from dragging sewage-soaked carpets to the dump, marched straight up to the serving trays clutching mud-drenched clothes.  As she asked for directions to the laundry her sweat-soaked jumbo bra skimmed my gumbo.  I ordered her out of the dining hall.

Stories like this, where people don’t think about their actions, inspired me to blog and provide informative yet light-hearted bacteria-based stories.

More about Jennifer and her clips can be found at www.jangelo.com.


2 Responses to About

  1. rhosie says:

    very informative site… thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts……..

  2. jennifer400 says:

    Dear Rhosie,
    Thanks! We try!

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