More New Products!

January 15, 2008

While the intent of this article in The McGill Tribune is to tell us we don’t need all these antibacterial products, it does a great job of listing some new ones, Papermate has an antibacterial pencil and Hasbro, Lincoln Logs and Tinkers Toys have antibacterial toys.  What could be next?  Any ideas?


Way Cool Gadgets

January 8, 2008

Here are twelve (TWELVE!) gadgets to help you fight germs in your home. From toothbrush sanitizers to a disinfecting sweeper, here are products to let germs know they are unwelcome.   

Consumer Electronics Show and Purell

January 8, 2008

Even though Purell isn’t on the program, it’s on the program, on consumers hands and hopefully on all the gadgets.  Matt Richtel tells us that at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show everyone is pouring on the juice–the hand cleanser that is.

A Present for your Doctor

December 15, 2007

Here’s a great invention and just in time for that doctor of yours who has everything. The StethoClean.  It’s a plasic bag that fits over the stethoscope.  I think I’ll buy some and keep them in my purse.  For my next doctor appointment, I’ll be prepared!

No Matter the Handbag, Bacteria Still Have it Covered

December 10, 2007

Handbags, we can’t live without them.  They carry our phone, ipod and  keys (and perhaps our antibacterial cleanser). Yet, large or small, unbeleivable expensive or a blue-light special handbags, purses and pocketbooks are covered in germs.  Don’t put them on the floor in the bathroom, kitchen or any floor.  Just keep it on you at all times.  Sleep with it.  Although then we must worry about dustmites! More here. And here

To keep it off the floor, try the Secure Klip.

From magnolia bark to lasting fresh breath!

November 26, 2007

Check this out.  Magnolia bark may be the answer to reducing bad breath.  Toothbrush companies beware!  We may stop brushing altogether and just chew this gum.  Unfortunately, it won’t be in the stores anytime soon.


November 19, 2007

Here’s a product that will interest mothers with toddlers.  Momspit.

Instead of “spitting” on the kids, you can squirt a tiny spray of this stuff on a clean tissue and clean their faces!

But then there’s the carrying around of one more bottle, finding it in the bottomless pit of the bag which currently houses a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich, several expired grocery coupons and crumpled tissues.

But hey, it’s still worth a try.  Now if only I had a clean tissue to go along with the Momspit.

Can I fill the bottle with water when the liquid is all gone?