Bacteria-eaters, A Modern Day Hero

January 14, 2008

According to Vincent Fischetti, quoted in the Detroit Free Press, bacteriophages are fighting off disease-causing germs.  They chew up bacteria such as antibiotic resistant Staphyloccus aureus.  Good news for all of us.


Doctors’ ID Badges Possible Source of Bacteria

January 7, 2008

You’re in the hospital, your doctor comes in, washes his hands and then bend over your open wound.  His/her ID badge (or tie) tickles your skin.  Oops.  Could a few bacteria have been riding on the name tag and slipped off on to you?  According to New Zealand Herald, possibly. The article stresses that hand washing is still the best defense, however using disposable lanyards and nametags or disinfecting them once in a while would be a good idea.