Cold and Flu Season

January 2, 2008

Now that we’ve all had a chance to visit with friends and family and possibly crossed the country to spread good cheer, presents and bacteria, it’s time to keep our diseased germs to ourselves.

Here are a few tips from The Progress-Index
* avoid contact with sick persons
* wash your hands frequently
* eat right, exercise, get enough sleep


Packing Material Kills Bacteria, Keeps Food Longer

December 12, 2007

New!  A packing material that increases the shelf life of food.  I thought that was the job for Twinkies.  How old can a hot dog be before we’ll throw it out?  One year?  Five years?  If you haven’t eaten the hot dog in five years… maybe you’re not going to.

Would you like Stuffing with that?

December 12, 2007

How many turkeys will grace the tables of this next holiday?  How many will be stuffed, how many will have the stuffing in a pan next TO the bird?  My mom always put the stuffing in a pan so she wouldn’t kill us.  Being an only child, it was the three of us.  If she’d killed one or two of us, her sister would’ve noticed.

Here are some great sites for those cooks who will be stuffing the old bird.  Wouldn’t want you to lose any of your guests.

Koser Roasted Stuffed Turkey
Washington Poison Center Turkey Tips
Turkey Basics