Copper Seen as New Anti-Bacteria Program in Hospitals

January 8, 2008

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described a British study that studied how long bacteria could survive on stainless steel plates and copper.  Three days for stainless but no bacteria were found after just 90 minutes on copper.  So save those pennies and line your hospital room with them. 


Double Dipping Time and Time Again

January 2, 2008

Here’s a great article about double dipping.  Apparantely there are not too many germs in the dip after several double dips–unless you put your whole face in the bowl.  Still–I think I prefer single dipping and dippers.

Bathing and being clean (too clean?)

December 18, 2007

The Today Show interviews Linda Wells, editor of Allure magazine and  Dr. Susan Taylor, a dermatologist.  They discuss our obessions with washing.  We spend $2 billion a year on soap and bath products and 63% of Amercians bath at LEAST once a day. How often do you bath? (I’m a once a dayer)

The Older the Water Filter, the Better the Taste

December 15, 2007

According to Gale Newcombe, Research Leader at the Applied Chemistry Unit of the Australian Water Quality Center in Salisbury, older filters have a well-established biofilm that removes geosmin and MIB.  The fresh filters were ineffective in removing these elements. 

SO does this mean I never have to change my water filter ever again?  I hate getting on my hands and knees and –at time–making a pool out of my kitchen floor.  This may be the answer!

More about water odor here 

Microbes to Help Make Electricity

December 15, 2007

Well, maybe not electricity, but the tubes to pump the electricity through.  Microbes are making nanotubes that scientists hope to use to make more environmental friendly electronic materials.  Fill the tubes with electricity so to speak.  Now if we could just get the candidates to fill the airwaves with truths instead of hot air, we’d be all set.

Bacteria Communication

December 13, 2007

Bacteria talk to each other and cooperate in proposed group activity.  How are they doing this without the aid of cell phones, instant messaging or computers?  

Pass the Yogurt

December 10, 2007

Associated Press: Some bacteria may be good for your digestion and strengthen your body’s defenses.  These bacteria in your food are advertised as probiotics and are found in yogurt, snack bars, cereals and pills.  So eat, eat, eat! But you can’t stop there.  Once you have the burgeoning zoo in your digestive track they want to be fed.  Enter “prebiotics.”  Prebiotics are food for the bacteria  Prebiotics contain fiber and nutrients for the probiotic bacteria.  Does this mean ‘good bye’ to my black coffee and doughnut? 

Read here for more information on probiotic