Restaurant and the Doggie Bag

December 11, 2007

I just went out to eat.  It was a holiday lunch with a friend.  The restaurant was clean.  The server was clean.  They even had a children’s Christmas Choir serenade us with carols.  We couldn’t finish our meals and, of course, asked for the take-out box.  The server picked up my plate, boxed it in the kitchen and returned it to me, ready to go.  Everything was going fine.  Then she picked up my friend’s plate, put the bread plate underneath the main plate, and then put the salad dressing pitcher ON MY FRIEND’S PLATE! What’s up with that?  Okay, it’s not like she’d just come from cleaning the toilet bowl, but still.  How clean was the salad pitcher pedestal?  Does the dish washer ever wash it?  Or figure, nobody is coming close to it, the dressing is not on the pedestal, so it’s okay not to wash it.  It’s a small point, but something to consider. 

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