12 Steps to Staying Healthy This Winter

December 20, 2007

With a few tips, (that you have to actually perform) you can decrease your chances of getting sick this winter.  Like, wash your hands, sneeze in your sleeve, drink fluids and eat vegetables.  Strangely enough, the tips did not include leaving your familiy for a vacation in Tahiti.


Bacteria Communication

December 13, 2007

Bacteria talk to each other and cooperate in proposed group activity.  How are they doing this without the aid of cell phones, instant messaging or computers?  

Packing Material Kills Bacteria, Keeps Food Longer

December 12, 2007

New!  A packing material that increases the shelf life of food.  I thought that was the job for Twinkies.  How old can a hot dog be before we’ll throw it out?  One year?  Five years?  If you haven’t eaten the hot dog in five years… maybe you’re not going to.

Plastic Gloves for kids in public bathrooms

August 1, 2007

Mom invents gloves for kids who touch everything in public restrooms.

Great product idea for kids who boost themselves up on public toilet seats.  Now their hands stay clean! Or at least they don’t pick up any new germs.

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Product Information

July 27, 2007

Now here’s some interesting stuff.  According to Jonny Muir of The Telegraph, (Peterborough, England) you can no longer take your pram (baby stroller) poolside.  Too  many germs!  However flip flops and bare feet are still okay.  Go figure.  I guess I’ll just stick to my neighborhood pool where moms can still bring in their strollers.  We’ve haven’t had a giardia problem for years since we stopped letting the dogs swim the last day of the season.  So all is well.  Just don’t expect to take your stroller to the pool in Peterborough. 

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