Way Cool Gadgets

January 8, 2008

Here are twelve (TWELVE!) gadgets to help you fight germs in your home. From toothbrush sanitizers to a disinfecting sweeper, here are products to let germs know they are unwelcome.   


Consumer Electronics Show and Purell

January 8, 2008

Even though Purell isn’t on the program, it’s on the program, on consumers hands and hopefully on all the gadgets.  Matt Richtel tells us that at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show everyone is pouring on the juice–the hand cleanser that is.

Copper Seen as New Anti-Bacteria Program in Hospitals

January 8, 2008

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described a British study that studied how long bacteria could survive on stainless steel plates and copper.  Three days for stainless but no bacteria were found after just 90 minutes on copper.  So save those pennies and line your hospital room with them. 

Doctors’ ID Badges Possible Source of Bacteria

January 7, 2008

You’re in the hospital, your doctor comes in, washes his hands and then bend over your open wound.  His/her ID badge (or tie) tickles your skin.  Oops.  Could a few bacteria have been riding on the name tag and slipped off on to you?  According to New Zealand Herald, possibly. The article stresses that hand washing is still the best defense, however using disposable lanyards and nametags or disinfecting them once in a while would be a good idea.  

An Alternative Handshake

January 7, 2008

If you’re tired of shaking hands but don’t want to appear rude and busting knuckels isn’t your thing, here is a great alternative from a Dear Abby writer.  To signify a greeting and respect put your palms together, thumbs at your chest level.  Do it with a smile and this is a definite winner.

Cleaners Good for the Environment and Good for You

January 7, 2008

Here’s a great article that talks about products that are environmentally friendly while keeping some bacteria away from you.

I’ve used Method and like the results and the smell.  Right now I’m on a BORAX and vinegar kick.  Using it for mopping and putting Borax in with my wash.  What products do you use?  Which ones do you like?  I may start using homemade cleaners.  Anyone have favorites?

Cold and Flu Season

January 2, 2008

Now that we’ve all had a chance to visit with friends and family and possibly crossed the country to spread good cheer, presents and bacteria, it’s time to keep our diseased germs to ourselves.

Here are a few tips from The Progress-Index
* avoid contact with sick persons
* wash your hands frequently
* eat right, exercise, get enough sleep