Holiday Gifts to Make Because It’s too Late to Order From the Internet

December 21, 2007

Here’s a great site for those of you last minute shoppers.  Herb infused olive oils!
Just make sure the oil is used up within the week as otherwise bacteria begins to get the upper hand. (Disclaimer, we’re not sure where the “week” marker comes from, but use it up soon, okay?)


Hair dryer and Mouse for the Germ Phobic

December 16, 2007

Great gift ideas for the germ squeamish.  A hair dryer with silver to remove bacteria and a mouse coated with antibacterial material.
If I drop my mouse on the floor, can I blow it clean with my hair dryer? 

Gym Gloves for Gym Germs

December 16, 2007

Some people will be recieving gift certificates to their favortie gym for birthdays and holidays.  Here is a gift to go into the box with the gift certificate.  These gloves claim to reduce bacteria left behind by the last person who used the exercise machine.  I’m not sure about this, but here’s the info. (Gym germs near the end of the article.)
Where to buy: Harbinger Gym Gloves

Food Safety Tools Make Great Gifts

December 16, 2007

Make sure that turkey is done on the inside as well as the outside with a meat thermometer. 
Color code cutting boards, red for meat, green for veggies.
Buy a kitchen timer.  They come is a variety of colors and shapes to fit every kitchen decor.

Read more here!

A Present for your Doctor

December 15, 2007

Here’s a great invention and just in time for that doctor of yours who has everything. The StethoClean.  It’s a plasic bag that fits over the stethoscope.  I think I’ll buy some and keep them in my purse.  For my next doctor appointment, I’ll be prepared!

Dust Mite Doll

December 13, 2007

Dust Mite Plush Doll - (Dermatophagoides petronyssinus)Don’t forget the dust mite doll for the person on your shopping list who has everything.

No Matter the Handbag, Bacteria Still Have it Covered

December 10, 2007

Handbags, we can’t live without them.  They carry our phone, ipod and  keys (and perhaps our antibacterial cleanser). Yet, large or small, unbeleivable expensive or a blue-light special handbags, purses and pocketbooks are covered in germs.  Don’t put them on the floor in the bathroom, kitchen or any floor.  Just keep it on you at all times.  Sleep with it.  Although then we must worry about dustmites! More here. And here

To keep it off the floor, try the Secure Klip.