To Be Sterile or Not So Sterile, That is the Question

December 18, 2007

MSNBC has a great article by Diane Mapes ragarding fad or trend. Little kids think it’s cool to have a tiny bottle of cleanser.  One woman is teased by her friends about always using antibacterial cleanser, now they all want a drop of her liquid.  Are we trying to be TOO clean? 


Hand Washing-When to Wash, When to ForgetAboutIt

December 17, 2007

Here’s a common sense article by Susan Abram (Press-Telegram, Long Beach CA) about washing.  Washing after your bathroom visit and any time your hands are dirty.  Warm water, soap and a paper towel will do the trick.  What do you think?

Proper Public Bathroom Behavior

December 8, 2007

Larry Craig was taken into custody earlier this year for foot tapping.  How was the scene played out?  Was he handcuffed?  Was he thrown to the ground as Denny Crane was in a scene from BOSTON LEGAL? But what I want to know is this: did he wash before leaving?  We all know the statistics, many people do not wash! In Minnesota 75% of females wash and 58% of males wash. If a researcher were gathering data in that very bathroom on the fateful day for Larry Craig, would the researcher have to conclude that Senators don’t wash?  It’s important to wash, especially in public bathrooms.